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Oil Massage


125-780 Fisgard St. Victoria.


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Relaxation Massage

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage:

Essential Oil Massage Oil. Hot Towels. Unique Massage Technique.

Best For:

General muscle tension and soreness, Body fatigue, Headache and neck pain, Boost body immunity, Increase body circulation, General body care, etc.

50min $49 

Beauty Facial

Aromatherapy Beauty Facial:

Essential Oil Skin Products. Cleansing, Exfoliating, Gentle Facial Massage, Gel Mask, Skin Care Device

Best For:

Dull facial complexion, Uplifting and Tightening Facial Massage, Create glowing and healthy-looking skin.

50min $55

Foot Reflexology

Aroma Foot Reflexology:

Essential Oil Foot Bath. Unique Massage Technique.

Best For: 

Cold limbs, Edema, Joints pain relief, Relieve muscle/ sinews soreness and tension, General body care, Boost immunity, Increase blood circulation, etc.

50min $49


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