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Oil Massage


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Oil Massage

Relaxation Massage

Essential Oil Massage Oil. Hot Towels. Unique Massage Technique.

60 min

75 min

90 min

Best For:

$ 65 CAD

$ 79 CAD

$ 99 CAD

Reduce Stress, Improve Blood Circulation, Boost Immunity, Flush Bodily Toxins, Relax Muscles and Mind, Pain and tension Relief, Promote Better Sleep

Reflexology Therapy

Foot Reflexology

Essential Oil Foot Bath. Essential Oil Foot Massage Oil. Hot Towels. Unique Massage Technique.

50 min

75 min

Best For:

$ 59 CAD

$ 79 CAD

Cold limbs, Edema, Joints pain relief, Relieve muscle/ sinews soreness and tension, General body care, Boost immunity, Increase blood circulation, etc.


Facial Reflexology

Essential Oil Facial Oil. Facial Acupressure.

50 min

75 min

Best For:

$ 62 CAD

$ 82 CAD

Target Dull Facial Complexion, Relax Facial Muscle and Mind, Reduce Stress, 


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