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Our Philosophy

BE Creative. Unique. Simple

Creative- think outside of the box
Unique- each of us is one and only
Simple- reset to the original, core of the meaning of life

Plant is a magical healing agent, many people agreed.
Adding on to that, we believe that plant is one of the roots of life. A pure form of life that shows the beauty of mother nature. Without Oxygen, human fails to survive. Tracing back to the time when there had not yet had any human beings, the first condition to create a livable environment for human beings is Oxygen. And oxygen is produced by plants, a gift from nature. For a person who is looking at the practical aspect of plant healing, no need to say more! There are tons of researches and reports out in the world that provide evidence of plant’s benefits in healing and other aspects. What we want to address more is the deeper meaning of using plants as healing agents and in daily life. As stated, the plant is believed to be the pure form of life on earth that in some ways cultivate human beings. Remember the feeling when and after exploring nature? The calming and comforting effects from the view of a spectacular mountain, a reflection of the sunset from a beautiful lake, and the smell of a living forest, these are the power of nature in healing. It is wordless but profound. Plants, part of nature, are used in Aromatherapy as a bridge connecting human beings with nature beyond time and space. Every usage of essential oil brings us a step closer to nature by integrating part of nature into our daily life. Free us from being trapped by the material life in modern society and in our own thoughts and reset the balance to our original setting. As simple as a lifestyle can get, peace will reside. Deeply in heart, everyone is seeking for tranquility. It does not matter whether we acknowledge or not, we all have scars from the past or even from the present time. Steps by steps, letting go of the physically harmful things then move on to let go of emotional blackmail. With creative ways and unique blends, Aromatherapy can be a simple solution for the mind, body, and soul balance.

Buddhist Candles
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