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Leisure Weekend Vibe

TGIF! Let's get ready for the weekend:)

Here are 3 Must-Needs for a Leisure & Relaxing weekend:

1. a chic, bamboo diffuser + a Deep Relaxation Blend = provides a sense of grounding and de-stress. 2. a Tranquility Roller = the relaxing formula of cypress, lavender, and bergamot 3. a cup of floral tea + your pick of a book + any of the Aroma Candle = that vibe ☕️

P.s. add a hot bath soak to complement this awesome combo ;) Guaranteed that you will no longer feel like the old you!

Get all you need for the leisure& relaxing weekend in BE C.U.S Aroma Space.

We offer a 5% discount on the products mentioned above. This deal only lasts till Sep 18th!


🥳 Visit Us Today: 125-780 Fisgard St. Victoria BC. V8W 0E1

Opening Hour: (Mon~Fri) 10 AM - 7 PM; (Sat) 11 AM - 5PM

Contact Number: 778.433.9668

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