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RF Aroma Facial Lifting

Introducing RF Aroma Lifting Facial Your ultimate anti-aging facial treatment for a youthful look, radiance glow, and smooth tighten skin! Whether it's a typical self-care day or the day before the important event, we've got your back!

2022 AUTUMN PROMOTION- RF Aroma Facial Lifting 60min $155 CAD (original $180)

What you get in one session: 1. Radio Frequency Facial to boost collagen production. 2. Essential Oil Skin Care Products: natural and powerful. 3. Facial Acupressure boost circulation on the face for the glow. 4. Scalp/Shoulder massage brings deep relaxation for a better facial complexion and stress relief!

Targeting: sagging skin, fine lines, dull facial complexion, collagen boost, etc.
Results: immediate change seen after the first treatment! 4~6 Sessions spaced 1~2 weeks apart are highly recommended to achieve the best result.

Limited spots only, RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW: Call 778433.9668 or book it online

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